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Good Intentions

I have never been a big fan of New Years resolutions, not only because generally they are way out of reach, yet promised in tenacious declaration, but because people focus so much on negative things from their past, hoping to change themselves for the New Year. Most people try to change a bad habit, like giving up smoking, or will try to refrain from eating chocolate truffles left over from Christmas (that one never lasts long…I mean, how long can the Christmas truffles really last?). The major problem with New Years resolutions is that they are short-lived, can be extremely stressful and make you feel guilty for the life and lusts you left behind. I’d rather make no promise to myself than to tease myself or break one.

This said, I was recently introduced to New Years Intentions, which rather than resolutions, focuses less on changing your past and instead focuses more on adding to your future. Also, the verb intend implies that there is the possibility you will not achieve a goal, so you are not setting yourself up to be a complete failure. If there is no promise made, there is no promise broken. The fulfillment comes through working toward that goal. I like the sound of that.

So, with the selfish pleasure of reward on the back of my mind, I decided to make my Intentions for 2011 tangible, easy to shoot for, and positive. Here it goes, wish me luck!

New Years Intentions 2011

1. Get some fresh air a little more often. I live and work on the same street so my commute time does not count. Walking around does something good for my mind, body and soul. But it’s easy to get lazy, especially when it’s cold. Go outside more often. Buy some comfortable flat shoes, that may inspire you to explore.

2. Call my Grandmothers (all three of them!) much more often. Maybe call one a week. Or call all three once a month during a block of time I set aside just for that. I love talking to them. Make the time!

3. Smile at strangers. Wave to at least one a day, even if it freaks him/her out. It’s a nice gesture, they can get used to it.

4. Recognize that perhaps, just maybe, ok probably, I am falling in love with a Leo. Stop thinking so much, dear Virgo, and stop looking for problems when there are none. Just go with it and enjoy.

5. Keep on not smoking =) It’s been 14 months…the hard part is long past. You are doing well. Props. Yey for new no smoking law in Spain staring in 2011!

6. Buy a Burning Man ticket on January 19th, 2011. Actually getting there is a harder goal, so I’ll go with the one I know 100% I can do and will feel happy when it’s accomplished. Burning Man ticket or bust!

7. Learn how to cook properly the following: artichokes and eggplant. I always mess them up whenever I try. I would like to fix that.

8. Take Ed’s creative writing course at Collage again. I miss writing short stories and fiction. I usually find a way to do what I want. I want this. Make it happen.

9. Get a smaller hula hoop and practice more often. Must be in good form for Burning Man!

10. Complete my doula course

11. Buy the books I have saved in Amazon’s Wish List. Or look for them in Barcelona. Stop wasting time. Read!

12. Try to arrive to work on time in the morning. Jason…these are Intentions…I will do my best 😉

13. Even though you don’t see yourself as very positive, everyone seems to think you are, so start believing it.

14. Love openly. And give ‘front door’ compliments more often. They are nicer.

15. Manifest my dreams…anything is possible.

16. If I come across a massive dragon slide, always go down it! – CHECK! One down, 15 to go!!

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