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The Facebook Effect

I’ve been deeply affected by what I like to call the “Facebook Effect.” These days, a Status Update and posting a photo album is supposed to equate staying in touch with your friends, family and peers. I am a total Facebook junkie (and yes, I am ashamed to admit that). I think it is a great tool to network, share photos and ideas, and to spy on the cute guy I just met. It’s the perfect solution to the loneliness caused by sitting behind a computer screen all day, which is how many of us spend our days. Interactive and in live time, it can make you feel like you are actually surrounded by the people you adore, no matter the time or location distance.

Facebook has its downsides as well, mainly privacy issues in regards to photographs and personal information being spewed all over the internet. But this doesn’t concern me much, as I’ve never been a private person. If I were, I wouldn’t have started this blog! I’ve been questioned about the photos and information I post on my profile, but my response is always the same: Why should I be any different online than I am in real life? I tell complete strangers on the bus about my life and have been known to do silly things in public, in front of lots of lots of people. So why not do the same on Facebook? That is just who I am.

My issue with Facebook, and the reason for me starting this blog, is that I’ve ceased writing my more lengthy, in-depth emails to my friends and family back home and scattered all around the world. For years I sent these mass emails to let people know what was going on with my life in Spain, or telling random anecdotes about the usually strange things that happen to me. Now I realize I was simply story-telling. All those years I didn’t keep a journal, and rarely spent time on creative writing. That is because the process of writing email stories to people fulfilled that need. Since I’ve joined Facebook, my ‘stories’ are condensed to one sentence, unpunctuated nonsense. And for all my family and peers that don’t use Facebook, they have received nothing from me in ages.

Recently a few friends have brought up my old mass mails and I got to feeling nostalgic.

Hence, my solution to the Facebook Effect: a blog. An open platform where anyone can visit when they please to hear my stories, both nonfiction anecdotes about life in general, as well as some fictional short stories and maybe a wee bit of poetry. Here, no one is forced to see my actions pop up on their walls, and they don’t have to join any cult to have access. Tune in if you are interested, or don’t if you are not!

Hopefully these blog entries won’t come back to haunt me one day.







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