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through the back door he let himself in,
unannounced – on the silence
of his rhythmic toes, he took me by surprise
with the scent of gin – his taunting blue eyes

seduced me like a bird of paradise
dancing on a clean twig – we exposed our chests
and danced among a circle of incense,
one swig after another – breasts

bouncing and twirling, singing and swinging to the best
hits of the past few decades – eyes closed
I released myself entirely – fully exposed
I thought ‘no more charades ‘ – it’s time disclose

this shy and curious girl hiding behind my closed
doors – I propped open the windows with stacked books
and sincerity – and as the air passed in to take a look,
a wild woman let loose from inside me – she unhooked

the latch that locked my front door and turned
on the porch light – behavior so strange for her,
yet that night it seemed so comfortable and right
eyes open, eyes closed – it’s all the same as the night

strips your sight from you – hands and heart begin
to see what your eyes and fears normally block – and when finally
I put my hands and heart upon myself – my doors now unlocked,
through the back door he let himself in


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