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To Do List

And I wonder why sometimes I feel so scatter-brained.

The “You Can Do It!” List, in no particular order.

1. Sign up for the doula training course 2010-2011
2. Translate all my school records and get it all notarized
3. Study for the “Prueba de mayores de 25 an(y)os” – the test for people over 25 years old that want to go back to school in Spain
4. Figure out which nursing school to apply for the years 2011-2015
5. Get married to an EU citizen
6. If #5 works out, then scratch #3 and #4, and skip to #7
7. Research three-year midwifery programs in England starting in the Fall of 2012
8. Find an apartment
9. Write poems for the Poetry Brothel
10. Finish my novel (I’m only three chapters in)
11. Wax my legs
12. Learn how to sew (and then sew up all the designs that I dream about)
13. Organize Burning Man trip
14. Fulfill my 120 hours of work that I owe to the NGO in Mexico
15. Build up my business and hire some help (intern only)
16. Start up yoga classes again
17. Figure how to get to Brazil for Carnival next year
18. Find temporary work for the summer
19. Figure out date and location for the Annual Virgo Party 2010
20. Write down my dreams
21. Go to Ghana in October for a project with OrphanAid Africa
22. Call my three grandmas more often!
23. Remember to check Suzanne’s emails!!
24. Stop making plans
25. Find badly needed solitude in nature

Oh yeah, and…

26. Start working on the list


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