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Today is my mom’s sixtieth birthday. She gave birth to me at thirty years old, and therefore has always been thirty years older than me. But for the first time in our lives she is now exactly double my age, making this particular birthday extra special! And I want her to know that she is double the woman that I am and she should feel proud!

Years ago I would have said sixty was old, but I know better now. Age is always so relative. I used to think that thirty was old too, and here I am about to knock off my twenties and I still have a hard time thinking of myself as an adult. My mom is in amazing shape. She can kick my butt in a spin class, see and hear better than me, and she is just as feisty and wild as she was thirty years ago. I have friends that refer to her as a MILF (which slightly disturbs me). The truth is, she is a total hottie! The only difference is that now she is wiser, and “just a little bit funn[ier].” Maybe she can no longer tan in the midday sun, but nor should I at thirty years either!

My mom raised four girls and now is sitting upon an empty nest. I am in Spain, two sisters are in Kansas City and the twenty-three year old baby may very well be moving to London this Fall. But each in her own way is a version of my mom. Her influence pours through our pores, albeit in different forms, and we are the women we are today thanks to her.

Mom, embrace sixty. You have earned it. Just think, the older you are, the more acceptable it is to be inappropriate at all times 😉

Love you, mean it! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!


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